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Geniune Provenza Floor Dealers - The Real Deal

Only Authorized Provenza Floor Dealers sell authentic Provenza Flooring. Make sure that you are buying from a Geniune Provenza Floor Dealer. Use our Dealer Finder or call our toll free support line at 1-877-455-7890 before you make your flooring purchase. Provenza Floors, Inc. does not warrant products purchased online who are not authorized to sell our products. Genuine Provenza Floor Dealers are experts on our products and proudly display our products and copyright information on their website(s).

Provenza Floors has compiled a list of known websites claiming to sell our flooring products, but are NOT authorized to sell Provenza Floors. You can learn more about the hazards of buying Provenza Flooring by reading our complete Internet Buying Policy.

Links and Web Site Usage

Provenza® Floors, Inc., nor its dealers does not warrant the accuracy or completeness of the information, text, product photos, graphics, third party links, and any other elements contained on this site or linked from any third-party web site. Provenza makes every effort to make sure that the content we provide here is both accurate and timely. The material, products, product pricing (where applicable) furnished on this web site is subject to change without notice.


This web site contains Provenza Floors, Inc., its distributors, and dealers, and other third-party trademark, copyright and/or service mark protection. All applicable marks are the sole property of their respective companies. All materials contained on this web site are copyrighted except where explicitly noted otherwise. All rights to content presented on this web site including copyrights, trademarks, service mark, are reserved. ┬ęProvenza® Floors, Inc. All rights reserved.

Provenza Floors Product Photos

Provenza® Floors strives to ensure that product photos shown here are an adequate representation of the flooring product and takes steps to optimize these product images for viewing on a low resolution device such the typical computer monitor, including LCD screens. While we make every effort to control how product images convert from their original hi resolution product photography to the lower resolution of a computer screen, some amount of image quality is lost with this conversion and fine detail, color and character of floor images may not accurately represented in site images. Provenza recommends visiting an Authorized Provenza Floors dealer showroom when ready to make your final Provenza flooring choice.

Provenza Floors Product Image Disclaimer, Copyright and Explicit Use Terms

Provenza® product images shown here, and on Provenza Authorized Dealer websites are the sole property of Provenza Floors, Inc. and cannot be reproduced, copied, re-distributed, renamed, mis-represented as other products, included on other websites without the express written consent of Provenza Floors, Inc.

While Provenza makes every effort to control its "internet" product graphics, Provenza cannot be held liable for the mis-representation of individuals who may "pirate" our product images and (mis)represent them as either non-Provenza products or Provenza products offered by individuals or organizations who are not authorized to sell our products. If you are unsure whether you are seeing actual Provenza floor product images, or working with an Authorized Provenza Floors Dealer, you are encouraged to contact us at our toll free telephone number (877) 455-7890 for assistance from our support staff or use our Dealer Locator.

Your Privacy

Information collected through this website is used only for its intended purpose. Individuals can supply us with a name, email address and phone number to allow us to respond to inquiries that we receive through the Provenza Contact Form or through our email newsletter subscription form which only requests a valid email address. Any personal information obtained in this fashion is not used for any other purpose and is never shared with outside parties. We do collect general website statistics via Google Analytics that helps us understand how our users respond to the website, content and flow and only for that purpose.

Reservation of Rights

Any rights not expressly granted herein are reserved.

Product Representation Disclaimer

Floor images displayed in promotional materials, including printed matter and/or website graphics, may also vary in their color appearance due to the limitations of the printing process, and the unique graphics displays utilized to view website images.

No warranty is made on any color, design, hue, distress pattern, etc. of any printed and/or website flooring graphics. Please visit our Provenza Gallery Showroom, or see your local Provenza Floors dealer for final flooring color, and design choices.

Showroom samples of our wood products, which may have variations in color due to sunlight exposure and the age of the sample, are indicative of shade and millwork only and may not necessarily represent the look of an entire floor installation.

Variations in texture, color, grain, and bevel in each piece, as well as the inclusion of both large and small knots, pegs, custom inserts, if applicable, are expected due to the nature of the product, and the process of producing any range of floor styles, finishes, etc. for your flooring application.

We make every effort to make ensure that all of the information presented on this website is accurate and correct.

Due to the natural qualities of wood flooring, you are advised that it can dent and bruise and you should take care and precaution in its use and maintenance. (see our floor care and maintenance page for more information).