MaxCore™ ESPC Products

Installation, Care & Warranty Guidelines

Thank you for your Provenza MaxCore™ LVP Engineered SPC Waterproof flooring purchase. Our MaxCore™ LVP ESPC Waterproof floors are beautiful, durable and backed by industry standard warranty coverage.

With proper job site preparation, installation, and routine care and maintenance, your new Provenza MaxCore™ LVP Waterproof floor will give you years of beauty and function.

Provenza MaxCore™ LVP ESPC floors feature an attached underlayment pad and are designed for a floating installation method and can be installed over existing floors provided they meet subfloor requirements listed below.

Provenza MaxCore™ LVP ESPC Waterproof flooring is intended for interior use only and is suitable for above-grade, on-grade and below-grade applications. MaxCore™ LVP ESPC floors should not be installed in locations where the substrate below the building structure is exposed to the elements or where there are structural problems related to ongoing moisture exposure.


Please read these instructions and warranty disclosures completely before proceeding to installation!


Product Handling & Inspection

Always transport and store Provenza MaxCore™ LVP ESPC carefully to prevent damage to the flooring product. Store on a flat surface. Do not store boxes upright on their ends or in areas subject to extreme temperatures.

It is the installer/owner’s responsibility to do a final inspection of the flooring prior to installation. This inspection should include product color, quality, finish and locking system. Provenza Floors®, Inc. will not accept responsibility for the installation of MaxCore™ LVP flooring with visible manufacturing defects.

If the product is not acceptable, DO NOT PROCEED TO INSTALLATION. Do not continue opening cartons and do not discard cartons that were opened during inspection. Contact your Provenza MaxCore™ LVP retailer immediately for assistance!

Jobsite Preparation


Structural damage caused by water and/or high humidity must be resolved prior to installing Provenza MaxCore™ LVP flooring.

Ensure that exterior grading is complete with surface drainage offering a minimum drop of 3" in 10' to direct exterior water sources away from the structure where the flooring will be installed inside.

Crawl spaces should be a minimum of 18" high, insulated per latest building code requirements, with a minimum 6-mil ground cover vapor barrier. Crawl spaces should offer cross-ventilation air vents equivalent to at least 1.5% per 100 square feet of floor space.


Moisture issues must be detected and corrected before installation. Provenza MaxCore™ LVP floors are waterproof but are not intended for use as a moisture barrier.

The jobsite should be enclosed and climate-controlled. HVAC systems must be fully operational with a consistent room temperature of 65°- 85° F and relative humidity levels of 35%-55% before the flooring is delivered or installed, and throughout the lifetime of the flooring installation.

Do not install MaxCore™ LVP ESPC Waterproof floors where they will be subject to extreme hot or cold temperatures at any time. Do not install cabinets or heavy fixtures directly onto Provenza MaxCore™ LVP floors.

To eliminate potential trade-related damage, Provenza recommends that its MaxCore™ LVP ESPC flooring be one of the last jobs completed.

Subfloor Conditions

The quality and preparation of the subfloor over which your MaxCore™ LVP ESPC floors will be installed is critical to a successful installation.

Acceptable Subfloor Types
  • CDX Plywood
  • Concrete. Minimum compression strength of 3000 PSI
  • OSB/Particleboard
  • Existing resilient tile, sheet vinyl (one layer) or ceramic tile
Minimum subfloor requirements for all installations:
  • Structurally sound, smooth, clean and free of debris, including but not limited to, staples, nails, wax, grease, paint, sealers and old adhesives.
  • Level and flat to 3/16" per 10'.
  • Dry throughout the lifetime of the installation.
Wood subfloor must be:
  • Tested for moisture not to exceed 11%.
  • Nailed or screwed down every 6 inches along the joists to remove subfloor squeaking.
  • Leveled with high spots sanded down and low spots filled with a leveling compound. Leveling material should provide a structurally sound wood subfloor.
Concrete subfloor must be:
  • Fully cured for at least 60-90 days prior to MaxCore™ LVP installation.
  • Tested for relative humidity, moisture and pH. Relative humidity tests should not exceed 85% (RH); Calcium Chloride Test for moisture should be no more than 8lbs per one-thousand square feet in 24 hours MVER (Moisture Vapor Emission Rating) and pH tests for alkalinity levels should register between 7 and 9.
  • Installed properly with a minimum 6-mil poly film moisture barrier between concrete and ground below.
Resilient tile, sheet vinyl or ceramic tile requirements:
  • No more than one layer.
  • Well secured to structural subfloor.
  • Grout lines of any depth should be filled in with a cementitious leveling and patching compound to assure a smooth, flat surface.


Floor coverings that must be removed prior to MaxCore™ LVP installation include: Carpet, needle felt, cushion vinyl, floating floors of any kind; parquet, solid and engineered hardwood over concrete; sleeper substrates. Do not install over existing wood flooring glued to concrete.

Radiant Heat Guidelines

Provenza MaxCore™ LVP flooring should only be installed over embedded radiant heat flooring systems. Prior to installation, the radiant heating system should be operational with the heating temperature set to 68°F 48 hours before, during and 72 hours after installation.

The temperature of the radiant heating system may be increased gradually 72 hours after installation but the surface temperature should never exceed 85°F.

MaxCore™ LVP ESPC Installation

Tools generally needed: Spacers, Rubber Mallet, Ruler, Pencil, Tape Measure, Utility Knife

Provenza MaxCore™ LVP Waterproof floors are designed to replicate the look of a real wood product with natural variations in color, texture and grain. For optimal visual effect, shuffle planks from several cartons and avoid installing similar planks nearby one another.

For aesthetic purposes, plank flooring is often laid in the direction of the longest wall. It is the responsibility of the installer/owner to make the final decision regarding which direction the planks will run.

Provenza MaxCore™ LVP floors can be installed in a staggered fashion to achieve an overall random appearance, but other patterns can be employed and it is the responsibility of the installer/owner to make this decision prior to installation.

Starting Installation

Select installation starting point next to an outside wall. This is usually the straightest and best reference for establishing a straight working line.

Establish the working line by measuring an equal distance from the wall at both ends and snapping a chalk line. The distance you measure from the wall should be the width of a plank. You may need to scribe cut the first row of planks to match the starting wall in order to make a straight working line if it is out of square.

Undercut or notch-out door casings to fit flooring thickness by placing a piece of flooring on the subfloor as a height guide for sawing.

Remove door thresholds and base moldings and replace after flooring installation. Always leave at least ¼" expansion space around the perimeter including adjacent existing flooring or other structures such as hallways, door jams and thresholds.

For the best visual effect, planks in the final row of the installation area should be at least ⅓ the width of a full plank.

Measure the room at a right angle to the direction of the flooring, calculate number of planks required to fit, and, if necessary, cut plank widths in the first row to a smaller size.

You may want to position a few rows before starting installation to confirm your layout decision and working line.

When laying flooring, stagger plank end joints row by row by at least 8" (20 cm). You can use the cut-off end to begin the next row when cutting the last plank in a row to fit. If cut-off end is less than 8", discard it and instead cut a new plank at a random length (at least 8" in length) and use it to start the next row.

Always begin each row from the same side of the room and ensure that minimum ¼" spacers are placed at ends and edges where planks meet the wall. The tongue side of the plank should face the starting wall.

As installation proceeds, cut the last plank in each row allowing for the min required ¼" expansion space, and continue to check that both long edge and end joints are locked, secure and have not shifted during this process.

As installation proceeds, the installer/owner should inspect and approve each piece that will be used in the flooring installation.

The installer must use reasonable selectivity and hold out or cut off pieces with defects that fall within manufacturing tolerance levels, whatever the cause. Provenza Floors®, Inc. cannot honor claims due to a lack of on-site flooring inspection and acceptance by the installer/owner.

Installation Steps for MaxCore™ ESPC ® i4F Droplock System

Provenza MaxCore™ ESPC i4F Droplock Installation Steps

Finishing the Job

Remove expansion spacers from the perimeter. Install or reinstall baseboard and/or quarter round moldings to cover expansion space. For bathtubs or showers where standard molding cannot be installed, use flexible caulking in its place.

Install transition pieces such as reducer strips and t-moldings as needed. T-moldings are required at all doorways for commercial installations, being careful not to pin the floor underneath.

Clean and remove all dirt and debris from your new floor by dust mopping or vacuuming.

If needed, cover your newly installed floors with rosin paper to protect them while other trades are working. Clean the floor thoroughly before laying the rosin paper to ensure that no debris is trapped underneath.

DO NOT USE plastic film or other non-breathing coverings as this can cause increased humidity. Overlap rosin paper on long edges and seal with tape to prevent debris from getting underneath. Secure rosin paper at walls by taping to trim, avoiding adhesive tape contact with the flooring surface.

Heavy furniture should be moved onto the newly installed floor using an appliance hand truck over hardboard runways.

MaxCore™ LVP ESPC Floor Care & Maintenance

Provenza MaxCore™ LVP ESPC Waterproof floors are durable, but like all interior floor coverings require care periodically to look their best and prevent problems before they occur. The frequency will depend on your lifestyle and traffic on the flooring over time.

Routine & Preventive Care Do’s and Don’ts

  • Sweep, dust mop or vacuum (air suction only) regularly to remove loose dirt and grit. Do not use treated dust mops.
  • Do not use a steam cleaner on MaxCore™ LVP floors.
  • Clean up spills or pet accidents immediately.
  • Clean using Provenza’s All Purpose Floor Cleaner for LVP products; do not use harsh cleaners or chemicals, or abrasive scrubbing tools.
  • Avoid exposure to long periods of direct sunlight. Close blinds or drapes during peak sunlight hours. MaxCore™ LVP flooring subjected to excessive heat and light is subject to thermal degradation.
  • Maintain consistent room temperature of 65°- 85° F and relative humidity levels of 35%-55% at all times.
  • Do not expose MaxCore™® LVP flooring to temperatures exceeding 110° or temperatures below 32°F.
  • Do not expose MaxCore™® LVP floors to acetone or other harsh chemicals such as oil or petroleum-based products. Do not track asphalt-driveway sealer or automobile oil onto MaxCore™ LVP flooring.
  • Ensure that chairs or furniture with casters or wheels are easy swiveling with large surface non-staining casters and suitable for resilient floors use. Do not use ball type casters as they can damage the floor.
  • Protective mats and chair pads are required under office chairs or furnishings with rolling casters.
  • Ensure that frequently moved furniture is protected with felt pads to avoid scratching the floor. Heavy furniture and appliances should be equipped with non-staining large surface floor protectors. Use floor protectors under furniture.
  • Use walk off mats at entrances to prevent dirt and grit from being tracked on to the floor.
  • Protect flooring in the kitchen area with a high quality rug in areas subject to hot oil spills or splatter.
  • Use non-staining mats only. Rubber may discolor the floor.
  • Do not use electric brooms with hard plastic bottoms without padding as these may damage the flooring.

Provenza MaxCore™ LVP ESPC Warranty Coverage

Provenza Floors warrants that its MaxCore™ LVP Engineered SPC Waterproof floors will be free from manufacturing defects and, under normal use and maintenance, will not wear, fade or stain resulting in loss of original pattern and color, and the structural integrity of the flooring itself will not be materially damaged by water exposure from the date of purchase for a period of:

  • Lifetime Limited Residential
  • 15 Year Limited Commercial

This Limited Warranty only applies provided the flooring covered by this warranty is installed and maintained according to the current Provenza MaxCore™ LVP Installation and Maintenance Guide.


Provenza Floors warrants that its flooring is free of visual defects. You and/or your installer should carefully inspect each piece before installation. Any pieces that appear to have defects should not be installed. Provenza Floors will not be responsible for any claim for flooring installed with visual defects.


This Limited Warranty covers materials and fair market-value labor if professional installation was paid for when the flooring was originally installed, provided that such flooring is installed according to the Provenza MaxCore™ LVP Installation & Maintenance Guide. These guidelines are revised periodically and floors must be installed according to the current guidelines at the time of installation.


Provenza Floors reserves the right to repair any flooring and/or to use its own source to obtain an installer for replacement flooring. If Provenza Floors repairs or replaces any flooring as a result of a warranty claim, you will be required to clear, at your own expense, any items placed over the affected areas subsequent to the original installation. In the event that Provenza Floors repairs or replaces any flooring covered under this Limited Warranty, this Limited Warranty shall remain in effect with respect to such flooring for a period limited to the remaining eligible duration of the original Limited Warranty.

Terms of Warranty

If a defect covered by this Limited Warranty is found within the warranty period and reported in writing to the merchant from which the flooring was purchased, Provenza Floors will supply new flooring material of similar color, pattern and quality to replace the defective area. Provenza Floors will also pay fair market-value labor if professional installation was paid for when the flooring was originally installed. Labor costs will not be covered if professional installation was not paid for when the flooring was originally installed.

In case of questions regarding the terms of this Limited Warranty, contact customer service at (877) 455-7890. Provenza Floors reserves the right to inspect any flooring, request samples, secure photographs or any other information as may be required to ascertain the nature of any claim under this Limited Warranty.


The following are not covered by this Limited Warranty:

  • Damage due to improper job site preparation and/or subfloor conditions, installation or maintenance.
  • Damage caused by failure to properly line up end joints during installation.
  • Damage caused by pet accidents.
  • Damage caused by excess moisture in concrete subfloor.
  • Damage caused by fire or burns, accidents, intentional abuse, flooding, construction or installation.
  • Damage caused by vacuum cleaner beater bar; indentations or damage caused by improper rolling loads, caster wheels, chairs or other furniture without proper floor protectors and cuts from sharp objects.
  • Surface scratches or scuffing.
  • Changes in color or sheen due to exposure to sunlight or due to use of rubber-backed mats.
  • Exterior or non-flooring applications.
  • Loss of gloss.
  • Minor shading, color or texture differences between samples or printed color photographs or illustrations and delivered product.
  • Damage due use of adhesives or tape; exposure to acetone or other harmful chemicals; punctures, cuts, indentations; failure to use protective mats under heavy and/or rolling furniture, including but not limited to, desks, desk chairs, exercise equipment.
  • Flooring sold as irregulars or trial grade materials or “as is”.
  • Product installed in locations subject to heavy static loads, heavy rolling fixtures and/or furniture, including but not limited to, areas of recreational, hospital or rehabilitative activities.
  • Product installed in commercial food preparation areas and underneath food preparation tables.
  • Improper use of the flooring product to seal an existing floor from moisture. MaxCore™ LVP ESPC is a waterproof floating floor that comes with an attached underlayment pad, but is not intended to act as a moisture barrier.
  • This Limited Warranty is void if, prior to installation in commercial and light commercial applications this flooring is not acclimated to room temperature (between 65°F and 85°F) at the job site for a minimum of 24 hours and, if post-installation (in all applications) such flooring is not continuously maintained at such temperature.
  • Only installation techniques described in the Provenza MaxCore™ LVP ESPC Installation & Maintenance Guide are warranted.
  • Provenza Floors does not warrant Provenza MaxCore™ LVP ESPC installations involving custom cutting, such as 45-degree mitered corners and serpentine edges.
  • Loss due to loss of time, inconvenience, incidental expenses (such as telephone calls, labor and/or materials) incurred in the removal or re-installation of the affected material, and any other incidental or consequential damages.

Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages so that the above limitations and exclusions may not apply. Your Limited Warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may have other legal rights, which vary from state to state.

This Limited Warranty is in lieu of any other warranties, expressed or implied.

In the event of litigation, all controversies shall be submitted to the American Arbitration Association. Venue shall be the County of Orange, in the State of California.

Please retain your receipt or obtain it from the original purchaser. Provenza Floors requires the purchase receipt in order to verify date of purchase to help resolve problems or potential claims.

Warranty Owner

This Limited Warranty applies only to the original purchaser and the original installation site and is not transferable and with respect to the residential warranty, applies only to a resident homeowner.

Claims under this Limited Warranty must be made in writing by the flooring retailer within 90 days of the basis of the claim being detected and fall within the warranty period to the following address:

  • Provenza Floors Warranty Department, 15541 Mosher Avenue, Tustin CA 92780

Note: This document supersedes all printed and electronic Installation, Care & Maintenance and Warranty Guidelines previously distributed for Provenza MaxCore™ LVP ESPC products. Document date: 11/12/2018