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The Volterra Collection offers a variety of species and surface
                                                           styles that are evocative of a naturally aged, timeworn floor.

                                                                Species  White Oak, European Oak, Maple, Elm or Hickory*
                                                                  Style  Wire Brush, Character, Hand Scrape, Open Knots
                                                                        Cracks, Saw Marks, Color Variation*

                                                                  Grade  Light to Rustic Character*
                                                                  Finish  Polyurethane
                                                                  Width  7.48 inch
                                                                 Length  Random up to 74.80 inch
                                                              Thickness  5/8 inch
                                                           Construction  Engineered
                                                             Installation  Glue Down, Staple or Float
                                                               Warranty  25 Year Finish, Lifetime Construction Residential
                                                                        3 Year Finish, 25 Year Construction Commercial
                                                              Coverage  31.08 sq ft/ctn
                                                                        *Species, Style & Grade varies between colors

      Cesarea                      Florence                    Grotto                      Pisa
      PRO2801                      PRO2803                     PRO2804                     PRO2810

      Antica                       Fortezza                    Medici                      Museo
      PRO2812                      PRO2813                     PRO2814                     PRO2815

                                                     T R I M  AC C ES S O R I E S


      Like DNA, each board of Provenza hardwood is handcrafted and no two planks are the same. The VOLTERRA COLLECTION is a natural wood product subject to color, character, grain and finish
      variation. Mineral streaks, knots, splits, cracks, splintering and other imperfections may also be present and are not considered a manufacturer defect. Color, character, grain and finish variation
      shown on this page may appear in larger variation in your installed floor.

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