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    Internet Buying Policy

    Protect Your Provenza Warranty

Provenza Online Flooring Sales Alert

While the Internet is an excellent tool for locating Provenza products, dealers and services, it cannot replace that valuable trip to your local Provenza Dealer. A visit to an Authorized Provenza Floors Dealer is a must when considering any Provenza floor purchase.

Provenza flooring purchased through the internet is not covered by the manufacturer warranty. Provenza does not accept warranty claims on flooring purchases deteremined to have been made through the internet. Trans-shipping of Provenza Flooring is absolutely prohibited!
Retailers are prohibited from displaying prices online whatsoever.

Protect Your Provenza Flooring Warranty

Potentional Provenza flooring consumers should never purchase their Provenza flooring product through the internet. The Provenza Floors, Inc manufacturer warranty will only be honored if the flooring purchase is made through a local Authorized Provenza Dealer. Any Provenza flooring determined to be purchased through the internet will void the manufacturer warranty. Trans-shipping of Provenza flooring products is absolutely prohibited.

Several issues arise when a consumer forgoes purchasing from a local dealer. The main cause of a legitimate claims in the flooring industry is installation related. When a consumer purchases from an out-of-state dealer they found online, they will have to use an unauthorized local installer to put in the floor. Very often, installation problems do not become evident for several years and Provenza will only investigate claims that have been inspected by the authorized seller. This proves to be difficult when flooring is purchased and shipped from a different state. See Full Internet Buying Policy

Authorized Provenza Dealers stand behind your Provenza Flooring purchase and its expert installation for the full warranty period.

Authorized Provenza Dealers Keep it Real

An unfortunate problem that has arisen from our industry is the introduction of counterfeit products, which are usually marketed online. While the wood may look like Provenza, several shortcuts in quality are taken in order to provide a less expensive product than our own hand crafted floors.

Due to these reasons as well as other unforeseeable circumstances involving online sales, a Provenza Warranty cannot be honored if the Provenza product has not been installed by the local authorized dealer’s installer.

The best way to ensure that you are getting a quality Provenza Floor with proper installation to maximize the life of the wood for generations to come is to purchase from your local Authorized Provenza Dealer.


Authorized Provenza Floor Dealers have the expertise to advise and educate consumers considering a Provenza hardwood floor purchase. Authorized Provenza Dealers have the ability to evaluate the needs of each consumer, present potential flooring options from our range of hardwood floor product lines and wood floor collections with floor samples that better reflect their color and character than that of internet floor images and graphics.

Our goal is to ensure that Provenza Floor consumers receive the highest quality wood product and expert support. We are passionate about our floors, and our Authorized Provenza Dealers share in that passion!

When it comes to buying Provenza Flooring online - DON'T!

Consumers who use the internet to locate and learn more about Provenza Flooring products should be skeptical of internet websites/portals/sellers offering deeply discounted prices on Provenza flooring. These discounted prices may be a consequence of product misrepresentation, knock-offs, bait and switch selling tactics and/or non-disclosed costs such as shipping and installation.

Authorized Provenza Floors Dealers do NOT display pricing online, nor do they sell Provenza flooring via online shopping carts. Protect your Provenza flooring manufacturer warranty. Purchase Provenza Floors only through Authorized Provenza Flooring Dealers!

Known internet flooring retailers who are NOT authorized Provenza Dealers:, San Leandro CA (aka, (ECOMOSO), Las Vegas NV (aka
Elegant Floors Design Center, Laguna Hills CA (55 Flooring Outlet), Anaheim CA (55 Flooring), Anaheim CA (55 Flooring), Anaheim CA (Hardwood Bargains), Long Beach CA, Austin TX & San Antonio TX (Flooring Overstock), Chula Vista CA, & San Diego CA (Discount Flooring 4 U), North Hollywood CA

The above flooring companies are NOT authorized to sell Provenza Flooring products, and DO NOT have accounts to be able to sell Provenza Flooring, and as such cannot offer a Provenza Manufacturer Warranty for any products claiming to be Provenza Floors, purchased through them. Authorized Provenza Flooring retailers are prohibited from trans-shipping Provenza products to internet retailers, or other unauthorized flooring companies and are not allowed to show Provenza flooring pricing online.

Furthermore... Provenza Floors, Inc has become increasingly concerned that what is being advertised as Provenza Flooring by these companies is NOT, in actuality, a GENIUNE PROVENZA FLOORING product! When it comes to buying Provenza Flooring online, BUYER BEWARE!!!

If you are considering a Provenza Flooring purchase and would like to verify that you are purchasing from an Authorized Provenza Flooring Dealer, please call us toll free at (877) 455-7890, or use our contact form and a Provenza Sales representative will happily assist you.

Provenza Floors, Inc. makes every effort to assure that the dealer information contained in our dealer locator is current and error free, and as such, the Provenza Dealer information presented there is subject to change without notice.

Internet Graphics - Product Images

Internet graphics by their nature cannot fully reveal the beauty, color, finish and style of any Provenza Floor product. While we strive to ensure that product images used in floor galleries and web pages closely represent the floor products advertised, the internet should never replace a visit to the showroom when making that final flooring choice and purchase.

Additionally, floor images presented on non-authorized flooring websites may be second generation images, copied without our permission, and not representative at all of the actual floor color, finish and/or detail.

Authorized Provenza Dealers have our permission to link to and its floor collection and floor sample galleries. We recommend that internet users take advantage of our Dealer Search feature and visit their showroom to ensure that they are buying from an Authorized Provenza Floor Dealer before making their final flooring purchase.

Our floor sample images have a clearly displayed Provenza emblem. If this emblem has been removed from the floor image while advertised to be a Provenza Floors product, the consumer should be alerted to the possibility that they are not dealing with an Authorized Provenza Floor Dealer.