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Provenza Internet Sales Policy

Provenza Internet Sales Warning

At Provenza Floors, Inc., we pride ourselves on creating art for your floors. With more than 30 years of experience and imagination, we have maintained a reputation as true innovators of hardwood flooring in the industry. Our passion is to create a legacy for the home that can be passed down for generations.

Provenza flooring purchased through the internet is not covered by the manufacturer warranty. Provenza does not accept warranty claims on flooring purchases made through the internet. Trans-shipping of Provenza Flooring is absolutely prohibited. Retailers are prohibited from displaying prices online whatsoever!

For this reason, the decision to purchase hardwood flooring should not be taken lightly. There are many questions that have to be answered in order to find the perfect fit for your home. Provenza Floors, Inc. has a network of “Provenza Authorized Dealers” who will provide the most comprehensive information about Provenza flooring. There are Authorized Dealers all over North America and Canada that have brick and mortar showrooms staffed with experienced professionals who have years of experience selling hardwood floors. These dealers also know about their local climate and how to properly maintain and install Provenza wood floors in their area.

Hardwood Flooring is an investment and at Provenza Floors, Inc., we believe this investment should only be trusted to the local Provenza “Authorized Dealer”. Provenza Floors, Inc., will ONLY HONOR the “Warranty” when the Provenza Hardwood Flooring is bought through a “Local Authorized Dealer”. Provenza Floors, Inc., does not sell on the Internet and Provenza Floors, Inc., will not honor the warranty on any Provenza product that is bought OUT-OF-STATE or through the Internet from anyone! Trans-shipping is absolutely prohibited.

Over the last 12 months, we have heard a chorus of complaints from our local trusted, “Approved Provenza Dealers” about “Internet Dealers” selling across state lines and via online shopping carts. While our warranty policy was created to persuade consumers not to purchase from an Internet Dealer, it is now our understanding that this policy was not strict enough. Provenza Floors, Inc., is now going to take a more forceful stance against Internet Dealers by completely banning ALL INTERNET SALES. The first time an established account is caught selling online, they will get a warning. The second time will lead to a price increase and the third time will be the proverbial “3rd Strike”, meaning, the dealer will no longer be allowed to sell Provenza products in their store or stores.

Provenza Floors, Inc., is extremely selective when it comes to opening new “Authorized Dealers” accounts, and we feel that consumers who purchase a Provenza Floor, deserve to have support from Provenza Floor, Inc., and their “Local Authorized Dealers”. The “Local Authorized Dealer”, will make sure that all the proper local installation guidelines are followed and that all manufacturing warranties are enforced.

We value our customers and are driven to provide products that will leave a long lasting impression for years to come. At Provenza Floors, Inc. we will always strive to create the best products at the best value on the market. We appreciate all of our “Authorized Dealers” who are the very back-bone of Provenza Floors, Inc. and we look forward to many years of partnership and growth with them.

In order to protect the integrity of our product and our “Approved Dealers”, we have to be very strict on how our products are being sold.

Consumers should also be aware that we have seen an explosion of unauthorized internet flooring dealers, who engage in internet marketing practices that amount to bait and switch tactics. These internet flooring sellers present themselves as being authorized to sell Provenza Flooring by showing Provenza product photos and specifications on their website without our permission, who do not have an account to be able to actually sell real Provenza flooring to a potential buyer! Why? As a search engine keyword tactic for the purpose of bringing someone to their website, in order to sell them a different brand. The worst offenders may claim that what is being sold is actually Provenza flooring while substituting their own lower quality product.

It is for this reason we urge potential Provenza consumers to check our online dealer locator or call us directly to make sure that they are buying from an Authorized Provenza Dealer!